FTII / SRFTI (JET)Online Entrance Exam Coaching Class 2018- 19


Get here the details about the FTII SRFTI Entrance exam coaching (JET) 2018- 19. The details coaching fees, coaching location, eligibility, etc. included


Life is short!

But we can make the most of it.  Yes, each one of us.  If only we know what to do.

At this point in your life, if you’re inclined towards a career in cinema or television, and want to prime your chances of getting into one of the premier institutions in India, this course is perfect for you!


Are you going to take the FTII/SRFTI entrance exam  this year? Have you prepared for your exam yet? Don’t have a clear idea about the question pattern of FTII / SRFTI?

Here’s big news for you!

FTII SRFTII  (JET) 2019 Entrance Exam Coaching Batch Starts From July 1st Week 2018 | Limited Seats | Preliminary Coaching | Duration – 6 Months | Fees: 5,000 (Total) | Batch Strength: 6 Candidates | Admission: Based on Aptitude Test 


Call : Ftii SRFTI JET Entrance Exam Coaching

Filmmakers Fans is offering 22-Day online FTII/SRFTI  and 6-Months Online Coaching classes to those who are taking the entrance exam this year.

Don’t miss out this incredible opportunity!

ftii-srfti entrance exam coaching classThere is a reason these are India’s premier institutions in this field.  They are reputed, having provided the industries with many noted artists and craftspeople over the years.  Their alumni provide references to others following them, and the ecosystem receives the graduates very well.

It is as simple as that, and yet, the statistical probability is very low for any given candidate.  The reason?  There’s very little scope for preparing for entry to these premier institutions. Now, finally, here is the opportunity!

Those who are in the final year of their undergraduate studies, or graduates who haven’t found their calling, are eligible to apply to these institutions, but more importantly, we’re looking for those who have been dreaming of getting into these exalted places!

We provide best faculty to give you a close-up view of the entrance exam pattern of FTII & SRFTI. 


  • Bala Senthil Kumar

Bala Senthil Kumar is a produced screenwriter, and cinema and television industry professional with over 20 years of international experience, groomed in the Hollywood development system.  An alumnus of Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, USA, he is currently a Creative and Project Consultant in the Indian Film Industry.

He is a visiting faculty and has conducted workshops in various institutions like Symbiosis International University, Pune, PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore, etc. He is a published author in Forbes International and a widely read contributor to cinema related queries on Quora.

At the Workshop, he will be handling General Film Studies,  Conducting FTII/SRFTI Entrance exam Mock Tests (Thrice in a week), Practice of Frequently asked FTII/SRFTI Questions and Answers.

  • Anirban Lahiri

Anirban Lahiri is a film critic in the true sense of the term. He studied Masters in Film Studies and Comparative Literature, in Jadavpur University, Kolkata. He specialized in the Post-Graduate Cinematography program, from L V Prasad Film & TV Academy, Chennai. He has eight years of teaching experience in all areas of filmmaking. Lahiri has taught at Digital Academy, the Film School, Loyola College, Hyderabad, Wigan and Leigh College, Kolkata, and multiple colleges under Mumbai University.

Lahiri was one of the first critics and Editors of Dear Cinema, India’s first World Cinema portal. He edited Film Perspectives Magazine, the first Film Education magazine in print from India. With four feature-length documentaries, and multiple TVCs and music videos in his oeuvre, Anirban Lahiri is busy with feature-length fiction projects at this moment.

FTII SRFTII  (JET) 2019 Entrance Exam Coaching Batch Starts From July 1st Week 2018 | Limited Seats | Preliminary Coaching | Duration – 6 Months | Fees: 5,000 (Total) | Batch Strength: 6 Candidates | Admission: Based on Aptitude Test 

At the Workshop he gives awareness to the aspirants about the basic question pattern of FTII / SRFTI, discussing the frequently asking questions, conducting mock tests, conducting assignments etc.

  • Sreekanth Gopinathan (Program Coordinator and Quality Monitoring Member)


Mr. Sreekanth is an engineering graduate and known marketing professional in the media field.

At the Workshop, he will serve as a program coordinator.

For Joining the Classes: Mail to filmmakersfans@gmail.com

Call:Ftii SRFTI JET Entrance Exam Coaching

The course will cover every single aspect of the entrance exam and interview process you can expect as an applicant to FTTI/SRFTI.

The teaching method will be structured along the lines of a battle preparation.

You will be taught what you need to know and be tested like in the real entrance exam.

You will face and understand both the pressure and the knowledge you will need to handle it with confidence.

Remember that our faculty is here to enable you to the highest degree, so you will be free to ask questions and obtain maximum clarity on any part of the syllabus.

(Click Here to Read the teaching Syllabus)

Type of Coaching – Online

Preliminary Coaching: From July Onwards (Duration: 5 Months) Fees: Rs.5000

FTII SRFTII  (JET) 2019 Entrance Exam Coaching Batch Starts From July 1st Week 2018 | Limited Seats | Preliminary Coaching | Duration – 6 Months | Fees: 5,000 (Total) | Batch Strength: 6 Candidates | Admission: Based on Aptitude Test 

Advanced Coaching: Course Fees Rs. 12,000/- (Including Service Tax)Admission Based on an Aptitude Test 

Call For FTII SRFTII Entrance Exam Coaching Ftii SRFTI JET Entrance Exam Coaching

Coaching Criteria

Monday To Friday: 5 Pm to 7 PM  | 30 Minutes Rest | 7.30 PM To 10.30 PM | After 10.30 Assignment Work Like Mock Tests, etc

What We Provide?

  1. Books Specifically for exam (Please note that there are no specific books for FTII Exam since this date. We Provide Books on Filmmaking, History and Culture of India, Film Technique Books, GK Books Written by our authors specifically for this exam and 100+ other film-culture related books we have)
  2. Daily Mock Tests: The Test will Conduct on Every Day
  3. Tips and Tricks: We Offer Tips and Tricks to Crack the Exam
  4. Live Lectures: Live Lectures from expert faculties about Filmmaking, History of Indian Cinema etc
  5. Free Training: Provides free training to those who cleared the written entrance exam of FTII.

For Joining the Classes: Mail to filmmakersfans@gmail.com


You can reserve the seats by paying the advance amount to our bank account.

You will get the best preparation possible to enter FTII or SRFTI, through their existing exam and selection process.  The bigger, and perhaps more important reason is that YOU, the candidate, should really want to succeed, and give yourself the best shot at this goal.

You will not get this opportunity anywhere else at the moment!  Filmmakers Fans can assure not just the best preparation towards your goals, but also the best inspiration for you to take this route to a life in Cinema or Television.

For Joining the Classes: Mail to filmmakersfans@gmail.com

Be sure to read up on the history of cinema, and particularly the history of Indian cinema.

You will need to know not just names of movies and people, but also significant landmarks, turning points, biggest influences of various art forms on this medium, the introduction of certain techniques and technologies, who was felicitated with what, etc.

In terms of world cinema, you should know the names of the masters from all over the world, their work, their influence on world cinema culture, etc.

Not all this information can be found in one place either.

Read up on basics of storytelling, and the evolution of the grammar of cinema since inception.

Please ensure you are mentally prepared for this exciting but challenging journey ahead.

Email Contact: filmmakersfans@gmail.com | Response Time: Max 3 Days


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(Disclaimer: Filmmakers Fans is offering these coaching classes through its goodwill and relationships with professionals in the industry.Neither Filmmakers Fans nor any of these professionals is associated in any way with the official process of recruitment of students to FTII/SRFTI or in any official capacity with these institutions.)


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 6 reviews

Extremely superb coaching given by the faculties over here.One can learn a lot about cinema here.If you aspire FTII or SRFTi please ensure your admission here..They train you thoroughly in all aspects.

Thank You. Hope You Enjoyed the secessions run by Rochak (FTII), Anirban (Jadavpur Univ), M/s Sakshi (Symbosis Pune), M/s Sophia (Kerala University) and Harika (JNU )

Worth it!

Thanks to filmmakersfans! It was a nice experience to be part of this coaching program. The faculty is good and sincere. I learned lot about history of world cinema and Indian cinema, various concepts about filmmaking. The most important thing about this course is you get lot of answer writing practice here. Keep it up! 👍

Thank You Dear for the Wonderful Review

Good Coaching

100% Worthy Coaching. I attended once the coaching Conducting by Filmmakers Fans. Really Loved the way they do coaching. If you haven't had good knowledge about Indian Culture, Movies Society etc then i am not sure that this class help you to crack the exam but you will get a good knowledge and overview about Indian Cinema, Film Culture, Technical aspects of Filmmaking etc

Good Course Provider

If you really having a Passion to study in FTII, Then go for this training. Good Course. 100% 100% Dedicated Faculties. Even there is a Course Coordinator over there. His life is actually dedicated for this Classes. I think so ha ha .. If i failed to attend classes or failed to attend assignments, he call me and say 'You seems lazy on these days' What you think about FTII, It is not a spoon feeding coaching class for IIT, IIM, Medical courses etc. I don't want to hear that speech, hence i submit answers on time

There are no coaching classes for FTII Exam in India doing as best as this. Utterly loved the way they present things.Filmmakers Fans conducting Coaching classes in Two Modes Oct TO February - the discussions through Google Group, Here you will be the organizerin the Month of March they conduct Online Training (5.30 PM to 11.00 PM ) mONDAY TO SAT. aDMISSION BASED ON A TEST AS SAME AS FTII.tHERE WILL BE 3 FACULTIES WHO WERE THE PREVIOUS STUDENTS OF FTII , SRFTI AND jadavpur university.gOOD AND WORTHY COACHING CLASSES

by Shankar Ramakrishan on FTII SRFTI Entrance Exam Coaching India
Personally i had lots of Benifits

This is actually an Online Filmmaking Film Studies workshop - But FTII Coaching Oriented.Two - Three Faculties in Online class. After that Mock Tests on Specific Department.Really Good. Personally I had good benefits for joining this class. Great Effort. Thank You Team Filmmakers Fans!

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  1. Big thanks to the total team of Filmmakers Fans for organising this FTII entrance exam coaching workshop. I hope the entrance exam of Ftii will very soon comes into the list of IIT , IIM, NIT like students most seeking entrance exam lists in India. In 2007 I attended FTII ENTRANCE EXAM. I spend around Rs. 3000 for attending the 3 hour exam, I didn’t cleared the exam. In 2018 I am planning to again attend the Ftii entrance exam.

  2. Hello Team Celluloid 360,

    I came to know that you guys are conducting fantastic entrance exam coaching classes for the FTII and SRFTI. My dream is get into there. Dear team, I want to join in your teaching class. Do you guys provides FTII /SRFTI coaching in Mumbai/Delhi?

    • Thank your for your Comment.

      Filmmakers Fans provides entrance exam coaching for aspirants who wish to join in FTII , SRFTI and IIMC (Indian Institute of Mass Communication). The coaching classes will held online only so that anyone sitting in anywhere India can participate in this program.

  3. Hello Team,
    From one of my friends, I came to know that you provides coaching to crack the FILM AND Television institute of India (FTII) and SRFTI Entrance exams. I am graduate in Law. I am deep passionate in filmmaking. I wish to specialize in Filmmaking from SRFTI. My friend told me that the faculties of your entrance exam coaching classes are the pass outs of FTII and SRFTI. That’s cool but the seats to the workshop are limited to 10 . How to register first ?

  4. Hi, filmmakersfans are doing a wonderfull job in preparing film school aspirants. I took their class for FTII 2017 entrance. The faculties are quite experienced and knowledgeable and have been able to provide clear and basic idea about various aspects, technicalities and evolution of film making. The mock test conducted based on various sample question were helpful in getting a decent idea of the types of questions asked in entrance. The faculties and the course coordinator are all very approachable and helpful people. Where not many options are available for preparing for filmschool tests filmmakersfans are making sincere efforts in bridging the gap.

  5. HELLO
    To the team of FTII/SRFTI ENTRANCE EXAMS COACHING CLASS 2017 it was an amazing experience to be a part of this amazing chocking class .I have learnt so much in these 20 days .amazing teachers intact it was more then i expected .came to know so much about world cinema and the technique in such a short span .Forget about the result of what happens in the exams ,i still achieved so much in these 20 days .thankyou for the excellent classes provided by the team and the continue followup of srikant sir n his dedication for us in future also i would love to join more classes in the near future .the interaction with the faculty was great .they cooperated and cleared so many doubts and did more sessions then said .thanks you so much and its was priced very reasonable saving the travel/ time thank you once again

  6. Hello I would like to share my experience on FTII/ SRFTI online coaching class which is organized by Sreekanth Gopinathan. the class was awesome before joining the class I don’t have any idea about the exam what is coming, how to study, where to study, what topics I have to read, whats is the pattern of exam which area I have focus more all these questions are pitching my head everyday but I didn’t get the answers thanks to Sreekanth and all the teachers who have guide us in each and every aspects they are the best teachers i would like to say they give us online class for 5 hours daily apart from classes we have assignments, mock test, ppt, questions and answers, and many such types of materials they have provided us which help us a lot to have clear cut idea of the exam some questions are there in the exam which we have solved in our classes really it helps u a lot so don’t think about more and don’t be confused be confident and u should definitely take this classes which help u a lot and it will clear all ur doubts and questions. Thanks All the best.

  7. filmmakersfan giving coaching to aspirants who wanted to make their carrier in film industry and wanted to take admission in ftii /srfti and other film school .And i take the 20 day class and it helps me a lot because the faculty provided are knowledgeble and well experienced and also the syllabus is well designed for preperation , and i really thank to filmmakers fan for starting the classes this year because it helps me a lot…

  8. i like to enroll in coaching for ensuing entrance exam for admission to srfti in 2017. kindly inform the procedure.

  9. […] Here To read More about our FTII-SRFTI entrance exam coaching | Last Date To apply: […]

  10. How tough is to get in ftii or srftii? I want to study film editing. Each year how many people are applying for this course?

    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2

      Dear Ashish,
      The Exam of FTII 2018 will not be really tough if you study properly. Each year 5000+ students are applying for FTII entrance exams.

  11. I’m pursuing mechanical engineering, will be pass out by 15th of June, 2017. I’ve been working as I want to attend the entrance exam for ftii. So can you please guide me regarding the exam dates and when I can start your coaching courses and fee structure. It will be great if you mail the details.

    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2

      Dear Parth,
      Thanks for showing the Interest to attend the FTII / SRFTI ENTRANCE EXAM COACHING. We provide best and most fruitful coaching to FTII SRFTI entrance exam. Contact us at filmmakersfans@gmail.com to know more amout the SRFTI / FTII coaching syllabus, fees structure etc.

  12. Hi i am prasanta biswas ,i want to know that what are the good books for preparation srfti exam And also know that after complete graduation of direction …i am able to directed any cinema

  13. When wil you start with coaching classes for 2018 entrance ?

  14. I am a student of the final year in Mass communication and journalism from Calcutta University, I aspire to appear for the entrance exams of FTII and SRFTI in 2018.Kindly inform about the procedure of your coaching in regards to these entrance exams.

    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2

      Dear Neelotpal,
      we are happy to help you. we provide both the online and offline (classroom)coaching for the ftii entrance exam

  15. please inform me if you conduct any classes further

  16. Sir/maam i want to give the acting course examination..will u provide the coaching for the same ?

  17. I am a graduate and working employee. I am looking forward having full-time preparation for entrance exams of FTII and SRFTI 2018. When does your classroom coaching start? How can I ensure my admission? Please comment.

  18. i want to get admission in ftii 2 years acting course i have given the exam last time but i did not select plz guide me how can i prepare to crack the exam …

    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2

      Read Books as much as you can. Write your Thoughts daily… know GK, cURRENT Affairs, Aptitude Level questions, read news papers. Know how to write reviews on movies, how to describe stories based on a picture etc. That’s all you do

      We provide coaching for FTII – SRFTI. This year (2017) we plan coaching only online mode and next year onwards we are planning coaching in Delhi / Mumbai. Those from Kerala, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Noida, UP, gURGAON can join our this batch

    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2

      Either you Can JOIN OUR JET Coaching Program or Study Self. We already mentioned the syllabus of FTII SRFTI Exam

  19. Hi,
    I’m looking to write the entrance this year. I see that the coaching center is in Delhi. I’m from Hyderabad, so do you guys have a online coaching centre or any other center in Hyderabad?

  20. Hello I am from Delhi. I want to join your classes for FTII.
    How can join your class? Is this offline classes available?

    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2


    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2

      Sorry. There’s No Offline Batches for FTII SRFTI Entrance Exam Coaching Available Presently with us.

  21. Hello, I want to join this for FTII 2018 in February. Please let me know how can I join. You can contact me at my number .

  22. Hello, I want to join this for FTII 2018 in February. Please let me know how can I join. You can contact me at my number

  23. Hi filmmakersfans.. First of all a big thanks to you for providing coaching for FTII, which, currently, is no one doing. Also could you please confirm if you are planning for offline classes for 2019 exam in Delhi/Mumbai? And about the books to be read regarding Indian Cinema (before coming to your classes in case starting late this year)..

    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2

      Hi Mr Sharma,
      We are Planning to Conduct a Filmmaking Workshop Type FTII coaching next year either in Delhi/Mumbai. Through this course, we are not only aiming to give coaching for ftii entrance exam but also giving a good awareness about the Indian as well as world cinema

  24. Hi. i am Prathamesh right now working as an intern in CEAT LTD Mumbai , i want to give FTII entrance exam of 2019 so now as you guys gives coaching for the same i would like to enroll into your academy . so for the aptitude test will you guide me with that ? if required i may share my contact number also for one to one conversation .

    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2

      Dear Prathamesh ,
      We are glad to assist any queries regarding the FTII Entrance exam coaching. For any inquiries regarding FTII 2019 ENTRANCE EXAM COACHING, KINDLY MAIL TO filmmakersfans@gmail.com.
      New Online batch start on April 13

  25. When you are going to start new session?

  26. Hi, I’ve already appeared for FTII Direction Exam for 3 consecutive years, I’ve read a lot, made 5 short films but still something is missing! 🙁 I don’t know what they want for direction course? I write 100% in the exam but still I’m not getting passed or even qualify for the Orientation workshop! Do you think is it because I’m 35 Years old? Does age matters for Direction course? I’ve seen every movie of our art directors as well as the best from the world also and watched and studied them many times critically, but still result is the same. Watched all the youtube film making videos. Read all the available books on the craft of filmmaking! Is it because I’m from General category? or there is some settings going in that institute? I don’t know 🙁 I’m planning to give one last shot for the 2019 entrance exam do you think you can help me in that? only 3 seats for general category in direction course!!! After doing all this if your team thinks that I still have a fair chance to get selected this year then please tell me I’m ready to Join your 6 months course. Please it is my life I can’t think anything else, please help me. Thanking You. -Regards, Virabhadrasinh Gohil

    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2

      Thanks for arriving the website of FTII SRFTII Entrance Exam Coaching. We are known as best coaching institute in India for JET EXAM.
      Now, let’s come to your query and its answers.
      1. Age not matters for FTII Exams
      2. No technical knowledge required for attending FTII / SRFTII Entrance Exams. iT’S all matters your passion to the profession
      3. You can join our FTII SRFTII 2019 Entrance exam coaching

      for further details, email to filmmakersfans@gmail.com

  27. Rahul Sisodia says: -#1

    I want to join class for FTII acting stream .
    So please provide me details to join you and admission form.

    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2

      Dear Rahul
      Thanks for the Enquiry. We Provide JET Entrance Exam Coaching. For more details please call to the concerned phone number of Filmmakers Fans


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