FTII – SRFTI Entrance Exam Coaching Syllabus


  Section 1 : General Teaching Topics

   Film Theory and criticism

   Film Terminologies

   History of Indian Cinema

   Quizzes on Indian Cinema

   Discussions on Awards and Achievements of Indian Cinema 

   Film Appreciation Class

Section 2 : FTII Special Entrance Exam Coaching Topics

Orientation – Watching a film – Writing a synopsis. Introduction to the writing for cinema – punctuation. Haiku. Script format. 4X4 Hours

How to read a photograph/ composition – point, line, plane, color, light, contrast, gaze, proportion. 2X4 Hours (Class, Practical, Review)

Magnification – CU, MS, LS, ECU, ELS and Camera Movements – tilt, pan, track in/ out. 2X4 Hours (Practical along with composition!) (Class, Practical, Review)

What is a soundscape? How to write a soundscape? 2X4 Hours (Class, Practical, Review)

How to write a story from given images? 2X4 Hours (Class, Writing, Review)

Watching a film – Synopsis, Treatment – Writing a treatment. 2X4 Hours

How to read a painting (Basic Sensitisation) – Bhupen Khakhar, Cezanne, Rembrandt – Introduction to the style of painting (Theory) 1X4 Hours

Montage – (Basic Sensitisation to terminologies) + Recap 1X4 Hours

Section 3: Talks on these (Shown below) Important Films

  1. The Rat Trap – Adoor
  2. Meghe Dhaka Tara – Ghatak
  3. Pather Panchali – Satyajit Ray
  4. Kaagaz Ke Phool – Guru Dutt
  5. Pyassa – Guru Dutt
  6. Chauthi Koot – Gurvinder Singh
  7. Rashomon – Kurosawa
  8. Tokyo Story – Ozu
  9. Chinatown – Roman Polansky
  10. Pickpocket – Bresson
  11. Titanic – James Cameron

Section 4: Drawing Class

Drawing Class to Improve the Story Board making skills of Candidate

Section 5: Group Discussions  

Conduct to improve the public speaking skill of the candidate

Section 6: Mock Tests

Mock tests will Conduct Every Day in the afternoon secession



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  1. Hello,
    I have applied for FTII in acting and I want to know whether the course offer classes specifically for actors.I know that one section of paper is common for all streams.
    please shed some light on the topics that would be covered in acting course.

    Thank you in advance

  2. Fascinating for orientation.

  3. Acting syllabus same

  4. Hellow sir..
    I want to take addmission in FTII pune for acting course.
    Sir please give me your address beacuse i want to join your coching class.

  5. Can I hv coaching classes for cinematography

  6. Can I hv coaching classes for cinematography pls inform me

  7. I want to know the preparation procedure for sound engineering….can you help me????

    • Editorial Desk FMF says: -#2

      We provide ftii srftii entrance exam coaching. the duration will be 6 months. for enquires regarding this please contact our course coordinator.

      Best Wishes for your Film Career
      Filmmakers Fans

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